Claire Newbold
Principal Physiotherapist
Pilates Instructor
BSc (Hons) Physio, PG Cert MSK 

Claire graduated with a first-class honours degree in the UK over 12 years ago. Since then she has gained a whole breadth and variety of experience in the NHS and the private sector. After a year of general rotations, she realised her speciality was in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. She has continued to work in diverse areas, including gyms running rehab and Pilates classes, providing a physiotherapy service for UK skydivers and working in private clinics. Claire has experience of working both in Australia and the UK.

Her main enjoyment from the job is meeting different people and guiding them through to recovery. She loves analysing movement and trying to figure out what’s going on so she can provide a specific treatment plan. Pilates fits in well with teaching specific exercises and Claire focuses on mat-based exercises as these can be done in different places, including at home or during supervised classes.

Arriving in Sydney nearly seven years ago, she fell in love with the city and lifestyle. Running is a big part of her life and she decided to turn this enthusiasm into helping fellow runners, by completing her advanced running assessment course. Having run in the City2Surf twice, she’s now taking on bigger and more challenging distances, watch out for her at various events to come.

Sam CMe.JPGox
Practice Manager

Sam is the friendly voice on the phone and is there to help you with any queries or booking appointments. He is super organised and makes sure everyone is toeing the line at the clinic. Sam is also a keen sports person including running and cycling. He’s cycled the Sydney Wollongong event, run numerous City2Surf events, half marathons and 10km events.

Sam is degree qualified in business and management and has specialised in a number of different management theories, leadership styles and team building. These enable him to maintain and coordinate multiple priorities while not letting down patients. Sam ensures the management of the practice fully supports the delivery of quality clinical care by practitioners. He is continually reviewing systems for operational efficiency and control.