There are many benefits of hamstring stretches, particularly improving tension around the lower back and knees. Tension in muscles has the potential to cause aches and pains in different areas.

It can help by knowing the benefits of targeting certain muscles in the body to either improve any tension or maintain your flexibility and ease of movement.

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Benefits of Hamstring Stretches:

1. Improve tension/tightness in the lower back

The hamstrings attach to the pelvis and if tight can pull or put tension on the lower back, perhaps without you realising. Improving your flexibility in the hamstrings will, in turn, give you more freedom to move in the lower back.

2. Improve tension around the knee

The hamstrings also attach behind the knee and help to bend it. If the hamstring muscles are tight, it can be difficult to fully straighten the knee (as mentioned above, you may not realise this). Mechanically, this means you may be walking around on a slightly bent knee, which can cause pain/tension around the knee, particularly at the front.

If you improve your hamstring flexibility it can enhance biomechanics and create freedom of movement around the knee, making you feel more comfortable.

3. Tight hamstrings may be irritating the nerve

The hamstrings and nerves are closely linked as they travel down the back of the thigh. If the hamstrings are tight, then they could irritate the nerve. This can be known as the umbrella term of ‘sciatica’.

Stretching your hamstrings can give the nerves freedom of movement too.

Benefits of Stretches in General

  • Increase blood flow – increase the oxygen to the muscles and take away waste nutrients
  • Create more body awareness around that area
  • Improved flexibility


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Trying out different exercises is key to improving and maintaining the body’s flexibility, which in turn can help with recruiting muscles efficiently.

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