Does the massage gun work on shin splints? “Shin splints” is an umbrella term and the pain could be caused by a number of different areas and reasons. We’ll go through a case study to help explain in what situation the massage gun may be of use.

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Does the Massage gun work on Shin Splints?

  • It depends on your situation
    • You need to figure out what’s causing the shin splints in order to answer the question of whether a massage gun will help or not
    • Book an online physio appointment to help you figure this out

“Shin splints” is an umbrella term and the pain could be caused by a number of different areas and reasons. Check out the case study below to help explain.

Case Study:

    • Runner, getting shin pain.
    • What’s causing the pain?
      • Weak glutes. Glutes are at the back of the hip and are powerful muscles to push the body forwards when running. If they don’t work well, other muscles will work to compensate.
      • Tight ankle and calf muscles. These muscles are overworking because the glutes aren’t working as well as is needed for running. These muscles overworking can cause shin pain. 
    • Creating a problem list can help identify the solutions:


Problem Plan
Weak glutes Work on improving glutes
Tight calf and ankle muscles Massage gun to loosen these muscles


Important Note: If the runner above just uses the massage gun and nothing else. It’s likely that they’ll continue to get the shin pain as they haven’t addressed the primary cause. The massage gun is great to use, but it needs to be in combination with relevant exercises.


Check out this blog on how to use the massage gun around the shin – or watch the video on YouTube.


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Does the massage gun work on shin splints? Book an online physio appointment to help you find out.


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