If you’re a runner and want to know a great way to warm-up, watch this video or read the summary below, as it’ll take you through easy dynamic stretching before running.

Do you have a routine you do before you run?

If you’re a runner, do you have any routines that you do before you start running?

Or do you just get out there and just go for a run?

Dynamic not Static Stretches Before You Run:

We’ve got some really simple and easy dynamic stretches you can do. You can do them in the first five to ten minutes of your run, which should get you moving and warmed up. They help target the different areas of the body that you’ll be using as you run.

We’ve discussed the difference between dynamic and static stretches before. Following the research suggestions, you’re wanting to start a run with dynamic stretches.

A word of caution with dynamic stretches – slowly and gently ease into things. Your body might need to warm up a little bit. Take it easy to begin with before you try to increase your range.

Easy Dynamic Stretching Before Running:

When you’re wanting to decide what stretches to do when you’re running, just think from head to toe what are the main areas that you’re going to use?

1. Upper Body Rotations

Upper body rotations are very easy to do. You can do it standing or while walking. You’re just wanting to rotate the body around to the right and to the left.

Upper body rotations: dynamic stretching before running

2. High Knees

High knees are exactly how they sound. You are wanting to ideally get your knee in line with your hip. This will get your hips warmed up.

High Knees: dynamic stretching before running

3. Butt Kicks

Butt kicks are where you’re trying to get your knee to bend as much as possible, and this will stretch the front of your thigh, to stretch the quads.

Butt Kicks: dynamic stretching before running

4. Heel flicks

Keeping the legs straight, you’re trying to kick the leg up as high as you can do. What that will do is stretch the back of the thigh in particular (hamstrings) and it can do a little bit of the calf.

Heel Flicks: dynamic stretching before running

5. Calves

For the calves, all you need to be doing is doing a few jumps or hops. That should warm the calves up.

Calves: dynamic stretching before running

Try It Out

So there you have it, easy dynamic stretching before running. Try it out, see how you do.

Remember to listen to your body. If you’re getting any aches and pains or niggles, please get it checked out by a healthcare professional.

Don’t push yourself too much if you think you’re fatigued or you think things are getting too sore.

Extra Suggestions:

If you want to learn a few more drills that you can do, then check out this post on running drills. Another post you may be interested in is this one on some great stretches for runners.

What’s Next?

If you want to find out more exercises you can do to help you run, our video and blog next week are on some great calf strengthening exercises to do.

Calves can often be overlooked in runners, people tend to focus more on the hips, glutes, and quads and hamstrings.

Let us know if you have any questions, and forward the video or blog on and share it with anybody that you think could do with a little bit of a routine before they run.

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