What are the best forms of exercise?

Everyone is different and because of that, we choose the exercises that we prefer. Read on to learn more about some of the best forms of exercise.

Swimming, running, and cycling all benefit human health in differing ways but which one is the best? Truth be told, they’re all beneficial. In addition to swimming, running, and cycling, walking and yoga/pilates are also great forms of exercise.

Want to know why each one of these is so good for you?

Well, the benefits are as varied as the exercises themselves, but one thing is common with all of them; you’ll get a wonderful workout!

There are plenty of other reasons why these workouts are so great, all of which we’ve listed for you below.


Don’t hesitate to jump in the pool; your body will thank you after!

Swimming is a super-effective form of intense cardiovascular exercise without the impact. It can also keep your body flexible.

Since it’s such a low-impact exercise, swimming is great for cross-training and injury recovery as well.

In addition to an increase in cardiovascular health, swimming improves overall strength; it’s one of the few exercises you can do that strengthens your entire body while simultaneously pushing your aerobic capacity to its limits!

Want a better-looking abdomen? Swimming can help you shed fat and tone your body.


Running sure has a lot of benefits; here are just a few:

Out of all the forms of exercise mentioned in this list, running burns the most calories.

You can run anywhere and with anyone (depending on the other person’s fitness).

In a longitudinal study conducted over the course of 21 years, runners showed remarkably fewer instances of disabilities than those that didn’t run.

They also lived longer, according to the same study.

best forms of exercise

Another great aspect of running is how flexible the exercise is; you can tweak the intensity/mileage of it to cater toward a specific goal.


Like swimming, cycling is also a low-impact exercise that’s beneficial to cardiovascular health.

Similar to running, cycling can be performed in a wide variety of environments (if you have a bike of course).

It’s also a great way to rehabilitate knee injuries.

Cycling can take you anywhere (with suitable biking conditions). You can ride your bike to work, to school, or the library.

It’s even possible to take more than one person with you on a ride if you have the right accessories!

Cycling can also be performed on a stationary bike; the benefits are largely similar to that of riding a bike!


Both Yoga and Pilates are excellent physical activities.

Yoga improves the flexibility of your muscles, a drastically overlooked aspect of physical fitness.

Combined with Pilates, yoga can both stretch and strengthen your muscles.

best forms of exercise

Yoga can also significantly reduce chronic stress and anxiety in humans if it’s performed as your primary form of exercise.


Walking is an incredibly simple and beneficial form of exercise that almost anyone can perform.

When carried out with great posture and proper movement, walking can provide many of the same health benefits as running.

Staying on top of your stride can help you maintain healthy body weight, strengthen your bones and muscles, and improve your mood.

Like running and cycling, you can walk in almost any environment!

Choose One and Prosper!

All of the aforementioned exercises are amazing for the human body.

One of the five exercises is all you need to include in your workout regimen but it never hurts to add more!

It comes down to choosing which exercise you enjoy the most.

Swimming, running, cycling, yoga/pilates, and walking all provide your body with incredible mental and physical benefits.



Trying out different exercises is key to improving and maintaining the body’s flexibility, which in turn can help with recruiting muscles efficiently.

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Remember – Listen to Your Body!

Please remember to listen to your body. Get any aches and pains checked out sooner rather than later.


As with all information given for exercises and exercise programs, when using our exercise videos or information, please use your common sense and don’t do anything that will hurt you. By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk. PhysioFit Health will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of information shared on our website or YouTube channel. This includes emails, videos, and text. Thanks for your understanding.


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