As we’ve said in previous posts, if you’re sat for a long time, it can cause muscles to get tight in the legs. This post is talking you through hamstring flexibility for desk workers as tightness in the hamstring is generally an issue for most of the people we see.

The hamstrings are the muscles at the back of the thigh and they attach onto the pelvis. If they’re tight, they can pull on the pelvis, which in some people can lead to low back pain, so it’s important to make sure you’ve got the flexibility in these muscles.

Watch the video below or continue reading, where we’ll explain some easy exercises you can do.

Sit against a wall

Grab a mat and place it close to a wall. Sit down, getting your hips and pelvis against the wall and aim to get the upper back along with the back of the head against the wall as shown in the photo below. Initially, keep both of your knees bent to take the tension away from the legs. That’s your start position.

Straighten one leg and then the other so they’re flat on the floor, whilst continuing to keep the back flat against the wall.

To ease off, bend the knees. Straighten the knees again when you want to try another stretch.

This may be uncomfortable when you first try it out.

Hold: 20 seconds

Repeat: 4-5 times.

Sit and reach

Once you’ve got used to being in the above position, you want to increase the stretch

Raise your arms up to shoulder height, take your head and back off the wall, reaching your hands forwards.

If you can reach your toes, grab them and pull yourself in for a lovely stretch. Ease off and put your back flat against the wall.

Hold: 20 seconds

Repeat: 4-5 times.

Difficulty Reaching your Toes?

What you may find is that you barely move at all (don’t worry, we’ve been there too).

If this happens, it’s still worth persevering with it. Aim for 15-20 repetitions, reaching forwards as far as you can and then easing off. The more repetitions you do the freer everything will become. You’ll slowly be able to reach and touch your toes.

Standing Hamstring Stretch

This exercise you can do in standing, using a kitchen counter or high surface, as it can give you leverage.

Stand and face the counter, placing your hands on top of it. Keep facing the counter as you walk your legs backwards, keeping the legs hip-width apart. Aim for the arms, back and legs to be straight and think about driving your hips and pelvis to the wall behind you. 

Hamstring flexibility for desk workers - use your desk as leverage for a back and leg stretch

Look for a stretch and hold it. You’re likely to get a stretch down the back of the thighs and/or into the back. If you don’t find a stretch, walk the legs further backwards, reach the hands forwards and drive your hips and pelvis back to the wall opposite.

Ease off by walking the legs forwards.

Hold: 20 seconds

Repeat: 4-5 times.


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