Watch or read below for three hip flexor stretch options for desk workers.

Hip flexors are the muscles at the front of the hip. If you’re sitting for a long time, it can shorten these muscles and cause them to get tight. The tightness could lead to different stresses and strains around the area and potentially could lead to soreness or pain.

Try the options below and figure out which one is best for you.


Kneeling hip flexor stretch

We’d only suggest this stretch if you can bend your knees fully. If you’ve got any issues with your knees then it’s going to be very uncomfortable.

Assuming your knees are all good, start in kneeling, so your knees are bent and your hips are resting on your feet. Walk your arms backwards and lean back at the same time. You may need to bend your elbows to increase the stretch at the front of the hips and thighs.

Keep the knees together and down on the mat. If you feel the knees come up or come away from each other, you’ve gone too far

Hip flexor stretch options for desk workers, try kneeling and leaning back to get a stretch at the front of the hip and thighs.

If you don’t feel a stretch then try to get yourself onto your elbows, as shown in the photo below.

Find a position that’s comfortable and hold it. With repetitions, you’ll slowly be able to get further and further back as these hip flexors and front of the thigh stretch out.

Hold: 20 seconds

Repeat: 4-5 times.

Pigeon stretch: Variation for hip flexors

We’ve gone through the pigeon stretch in the past, here (the second stretch). It’s worthwhile repeating as you can vary this stretch to target the front of the hip and thigh.

Start in 4-point kneeling and bring the right knee towards the right hand. Sweep the right foot across the midline of the body and straighten your left leg. If you’re comfortable then rest yourself onto your elbows. This will give you a stretch on the right side around the glutes.

You might not feel anything around the front of the left hip and thigh yet. To bias the front of the left hip and thigh, tuck the left toes underneath and straighten your knee. This will lift the left leg up. Look for a stretch at the front of the left thigh. Ease off by bending the knee and untuck the toes.

Hold: 20 seconds

Repeat: 4-5 times.

Tweaks like that can be useful as you’re doing one stretch position but targeting a few different muscle groups at the same time.

High kneeling hip flexors stretch

Use a mat and towel for comfort on the knees.

Start in a high kneeling position and place your right foot in front of you, the left knee is resting on a towel. Keep the hips facing forwards, tuck the tailbone underneath, and push your hips forwards. Look to get a stretch at the front of the hips.

If you don’t get a stretch, walk the right foot forwards a little bit more, so you can push into the stretch.

Once you’ve found that stretch, bend your left knee and hold your left foot. This does involve a balance challenge (which will improve with repetitions). It’s not cheating to hold onto something for support. This gives you more of a stretch at the front of the hips and down into the thigh. Ease off lower the foot down onto the mat.

A varation for hip flexor stretch options for desk workers in high-kneeling, bend your knee and hold your foot to get a stretch at the front of the hip and thighs.

Hold: 20 seconds

Repeat: 4-5 times.


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Try out these hip flexor stretch options for desk workers above and let us know if you have any questions! (click for contact details).

Remember – Listen to your Body!

Please remember to listen to your body. Get any aches and pains checked out sooner rather than later.


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