If you increase hip rotation, this may help reduce the stiffness and tightness you feel from sitting for a long time during the day. Sitting can cause the legs to get stiff and tight. What can often get missed with a lot of stretches is hip rotation, so watch the video below or continue reading, where we’ll explain some easy exercises you can do. 

Pick and choose which option is best for you. Even trying them once a day is better than not trying them at all.

Increase Hip Rotation Seated: Variation 1

For this exercise, you can be sat on the floor or a mat. You’re highly likely to need a rolled-up towel.

Sat with your knees bent and feet out to one side. You're likely to need a towel for this.

You’ll very likely need a towel to sit on

The position you’re in is shown in the photos, sitting with the knees bent and the feet out to one side.

You may feel you’re leaning over to the left when sat like this. That’s where the rolled-up towel comes in useful. The hips need to be level, so take the towel and put it under the one side of the hips/pelvis that’s closest to the floor. In this example, that’s the left side. You’re aiming for the right and left hips/pelvis to be level and the spine to be upright.

Increase hip rotation by sitting with knees bent and feet to the side. You want your hips and pelvis to be level and your spine up straight.

Hold: 20 seconds

Repeat: 4-5 times

Repeat with the legs in the opposite direction.

Additional Option – change the leg position:

For this example, we’re using the position shown in the photo above, with the knees bent and feet out to the right. Try varying the position of the right leg.

The further forward the knee is in front of the hip, the easier sitting in this position will be. The more you get the knee out to the side, the more you’re likely to find that you start to lean over. It’s more challenging like this. As a suggestion, when you start out, find a comfortable position and stay in it for 20-30 seconds. The sustained time will get the muscles and ligaments used to this position. Once you’re used to this position, you can then start to change where you put the leg.

Hold: 20 seconds

Repeat: 4-5 times

Repeat with the legs in the opposite direction.

Remember, even if you’re in the position once a day for 20 seconds, it’ll help as it’s better than not doing the exercise.

Increase Hip Rotation Seated: Variation 2

Sit on the floor/mat with your legs in front of you, supporting the upper body with your hands behind you.

Focus on the left leg and place the foot out to the side, so it’s wider than the body-width. Aim to get the knee across the midline of the body, over to the right, which will rotate the left hip.  Keep the hips and pelvis as still as possible while trying to get the knee as far over to the right as you can. This should get a stretch sensation around the hips/pelvis.

If you don’t feel anything, then you may need some extra pressure. For this, you can use the other leg. Place the right leg over the left knee and use the right leg to increase pressure on the left, using this to increase the stretch a little more.

Increase hip rotation sitting with one foot out to the side and move the knee across the midline of the body. Use your other leg to create some over pressure for this stretch if needed.

Additional Option – change the foot position:

You may be questioning where to place the foot, how close or far away from the body should it be. To work the hip through it’s full range of movement, you want to place the foot in a number of different position.

The further away you place your foot then this will work the hip in a straighter position. If you bring the foot closer towards the body (as in the photo below), then this works the hip in a more bent position. Try going from your foot being close to you and then move your foot so your leg gets straighter. This will be working the hip through it full range of movement (in our opion this is a good thing!).

Increase hip rotation by working through the full range of movement. Start with your foot close to the body and move it further away.


Hold: 20 seconds

Repeat: 4-5 times

Repeat on the opposite side.

Increase Hip Rotation Standing

Start by putting your left knee on the chair so your shin is resting on the seat of the chair and the foot over the edge.

Step forwards with your right leg, making sure your hips are facing forward to start with. Rotate the left foot out to the right, while keeping the pelvis facing forwards. This in itself might cause a stretch in the hip area.

Increase hip rotation by using a chair and placing your shin on the chair. Move your foot out to the side to create a stretch around the hips and pelvis.

If this doesn’t cause a stretch, rotate the hips and pelvis, around to the left and find a stretch. Face forwards to ease off the stretch.

To create an extra stretch, rotate your hips and pelvis to the side that's being stretched.

Hold: 20 seconds

Repeat: 4-5 times

Repeat on the opposite side.


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