In this blog/video below, you’ve got three leg endurance exercises with a resistance band to try out.

Endurance is the ability to keep the muscles working over a long time, and while strength is also important improving endurance will help in your ability to continue standing, walking, or running during the day.

We’re using a red theraband (medium strength) and it’s 1.5m long.

Watch the video or read more below:

Here are your Leg Endurance Exercises with Resistance Band to try:


Exercise #1: Marching in Tabletop

Leg Endurance Exercises with Resistance Band: Marching in Tabletop

Loop the band around your legs and tie it in a double knot. Lay down on your back, arms are down by the side of the body, and raise both your legs up into a tabletop position (knees are over your hips and shins parallel with the floor).

Keep the right leg very still while you straighten your left leg. The right leg will be acting as an anchor as you’re moving the left leg.

Repeat 3 x 20 times on each side.

Exercise #2: 4-Point Kneeling Walking

Leg Endurance Exercises with Resistance Band: 4-Point Kneeling Walking

As above, you need to loop the band around your legs and tie it in a double knot. Get yourself into the 4-point kneeling position so your hips are over your knees, your shoulders are over your hands, your chin is tucked in.

Tuck your toes underneath and hover your knees a couple of inches off the mat. Keep your right foot where it is and drive your left knee forward which increases the tension on the band. Return to the start position and drive the right leg forwards.


Either repeat the above exercise or if you’ve got space, move yourself forward 5-10 metres before moving backward 5-10 metres.

Repeat 3 x 20 times on each leg.

Exercise #3: T-Shape with Theraband

Leg Endurance Exercises with Resistance Band: T-Shape with Theraband

In standing, place one end of the band under the right foot and hold the other end of the band with your hands at chest height. There should be some tension in the band.

Slowly slide your left foot behind you and raise it up towards the ceiling, this will bring your body forwards. Make sure your hips are facing forwards throughout this movement (there’s a tendency in this exercise for the hips to rotate the further your body leans forwards). Return to your start position.

Repeat 3 x 20 times. Repeat on the other leg.

Note: If you are able to, you want to create a T-shape with your body. However, if your hips rotate before you’ve created the T-shape, return to the start position as you’re wanting quality with this exercise. Even if you’re moving a short way – that’s great.

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Trying out different exercises is key to improving and maintaining the body’s flexibility, which in turn can help with recruiting muscles efficiently.

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