For this week’s topic, the 3 leg stretches with a band, we will show you how to improve your leg flexibility with a theraband or resistance band. You may be finding your legs are stiff and tight, which can happen for a variety of reasons. Try these leg stretches, either linking them all together or find the one that you feel gives the best stretch.

We’re using a grey theraband (XX firm) and it’s 1.5m long.

Watch the video or read more below:

Here are the 3 Leg Stretches with a Band that you should try:


Exercise 1: Hamstring Stretch

3 Leg Stretches with a Band: Hamstring Stretch. This is how it should be done.

Lay down on your mat and bend both of your knees. Loop the band around your left foot, raising it up into tabletop, and rest your elbows on the mat. Breathe out as you straighten your left knee and pull the band so it’s on a stretch. Breathe in as you bend your knee, returning to the start position.

Repeat: 5-6 times

Exercise 2: Leg Out to the Side

3 Leg Stretches with a Band: Leg Out to the Side. This is how it should be done.

Lay on your mat with your band looped around the left leg. Your start position for this leg stretch is with the knee straight, pointing your foot up to the ceiling. Breathe out as you move your left leg out to the side, look for a stretch on the inside part of the thigh. Breathe in as you slowly return to the start position and repeat.

Repeat: 5-6 times


Make sure the right knee stays still – imagine a drink resting on the knee that you don’t want to spill. This helps to focus and isolate the left leg.

Exercise 3: Crossover Stretch

3 Leg Stretches with a Band: Crossover Stretch. This is how it should be done.

Lay on your mat and straighten the right leg so it’s flat on the floor. The start position is with the left leg straight and your foot pointing all the way up to the ceiling. Breathe out as you move the left leg across the midline of the body to the right side. You can lift your left hip and pelvis up and away from the floor. Breathe in as you return back to your start position.

Repeat: 5-6 times


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Trying out different exercises is key to improving and maintaining the body’s flexibility, which in turn can help with recruiting muscles efficiently.

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Remember – Listen to Your Body!

Please remember to listen to your body. Get any aches and pains checked out sooner rather than later.


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