Clinical Pilates Benefits

We think Pilates is great, but you may be asking… “what are the Modified or Clinical Pilates benefits?”

There are many great reasons for participating in a Pilates class, (click here to read our blog on five of the benefits). Pilates exercises use bodyweight and small equipment (balls and therabands) to help target different areas of the body, to improve flexibility and strength. Breathing is an important area of focus during the exercises.

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The video below shows Claire, our physiotherapist, explaining how Pilates started:



Difference between General Pilates and PhysioFit Health Pilates classes

One of the differences is that we’ll modify or alter exercises depending on your level and ability. You’ll go through different levels of difficulty and with repetition and practice, understand when to push yourself or not.

Another difference is our class size. Attending a general Pilates class at the gym, you’ll likely be with a lot of other people, where it can be difficult to get enough feedback from the instructor. Whereas our classes will have a maximum number of 8 people, which means more opportunity for individual feedback (we can be quite picky).

Clinical Pilates Benefits

Pilates classes can be used for injury prevention. For example, if you’ve decided to take up a new hobby, a course of Pilates can help target the body to improve your flexibility and strength where needed rather than coming away from your new hobby with aches and pains and thinking it’s not for you.

General benefits:

  1. Greater overall health
  2. Improves body stability
  3. Strengthens pelvic floor
  4. Effective rehab for an injury
  5. Injury prevention
  6. Enhance balance and coordination
  7. Strengthens the body
  8. Improves flexibility
  9. Increased knowledge of how your body moves – your strengths and weaknesses

Clinical Pilates Benefits


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$10 taster for your first session

After that, either pay per session or buy a block of 6 (valid 10 weeks) or 10 classes (valid 16 weeks).

Pay as you go: $20

Block of 6: $120 $105 (12.5% discount. Price per class = $17.50)

Block of 10$200 $150 (25% discount. Price per class = $15)