Physio Recovery Plan

When you attend your physio appointment, you’ll want to get both treatment and advice on what to do going forwards. In other words, you want a physio recovery plan that targets key areas. Read our Physio page and watch the video explaining what happens during an initial assessment.

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Creating Goals

During your initial appointment, we’ll talk to you about what goals you want to achieve. This can be anything from being able to tie your shoelaces or put on your shirt in the morning, to getting back to the sport you love.

Understanding the goals you want to achieve will help direct the management plan relevant to your situation. Goals should be SMART:






Your goal will be unique to you and is different for everybody.

For example, if you enjoy the gym, we can discuss different gym-based exercises that can help improve your problem.

Physio Recovery. We can provide suggestions for what exercises to do in the gym.

BUT..if you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors and never goes to the gym, then it won’t be much use talking to you about gym exercises. Our physios will provide advice on what exercises are best for you – sometimes improvising as needed….

Improvise at home to help with your physio recovery plan. Examples of 1kg everyday objects are a water bottle, tins or bags of sugar.We can also suggest exercises to do on the living room floor each morning so you can make it part of your daily routine. This can make the exercises more convenient to do (and so you’re more likely to do them!).

Physio Recovery Advice

At PhysioFit Health, our aim is to provide the advice needed for you to understand the problem and situation you’re in. We provide you with treatment needed to help improve the symptoms along with an after-care and rehab programme to try and ensure the problem doesn’t occur again.

The advice given is generally split up into shorter- and longer-term goals.


You’ll want to improve the symptoms and pain (of course!)

In general, 1 to 1 physio sessions can help – the total number needed will depend on the issue and how long you’ve had problems for.

Research suggests that pain stops muscles from working well. If your muscles haven’t been working well, then you may start to compensate, all of which may alter your strength, flexibility, and movement.


Improving your strength, flexibility, and movement, in general, involves fewer hands-on treatment and more of an exercise plan. These appointments will be over weeks or months (depending on the goal and nature of the problem). Let us know if you want to discuss Physio Rehab Classes, which can help with your longer-term plan.

PhysioFit Health will take you through a graded-exercise plan. The plan takes you from early rehab exercises, through to dynamic stability, functional control, and whole-body movement postures. The plans given are always relevant to the activities you want to get back to doing.

If you’re looking for more prevention rather than cure, we run Pilates in the Park classes on a Saturday morning. The classes have a maximum of 8 people attending and the exercises are modified to different levels so are suitable for a variety of different people.


If you’d like to receive individual advice on what’s best for you, then book an appointment with our physio who will go through a movement and screening assessment with you and provide you with your own recovery plan.