Physio Rehab Classes

Physio Rehab Classes. Small classes.
Small classes

Your Physio Rehab Classes are run with a small number of people in the clinic itself. You’ll have access to a selection of different equipment like resistance bands to help make exercises easier or harder.

The classes are 45 minutes long.

As these classes are small, you’ll get a good instructor to student ratio and so can receive more focused feedback throughout the session.

Once you’ve attended for physiotherapy sessions, you can progress into the rehab classes, where you’ll continue with your individual exercise prescription. You’ll be regularly reviewed and supervised on achieving your goals.

Scroll down to review the step-by-step process for the physio rehab classes, timetable and fees.

Physio Rehab Process:

Physio Rehab Classes. Step by step process





Your Journey

Typically, you will have attended individual physiotherapy sessions to help reduce symptoms and regain function. We know that pain inhibits muscles, which won’t automatically switch back on again once the pain has gone. This is where the physio rehab classes help as they’ll help you target the areas that you need to work on and build a great foundation for self-management.

Please contact us to discuss private or alternative session times.

During these sessions, we teach you how to monitor your own movement and what signs to watch out for that tell you that you’re pushing yourself too much with a particular exercise. This knowledge is good to know if you then want to head to gym general-exercises classes, which will have more people and so less targeted feedback from the instructor. We can also give advice on the best exercise to do at home if that’s what you prefer.

Our aim with Physio Rehab classes

The way we like things to work at PhysioFit Health is to provide you with exercises that you can do at home or the gym (or wherever suits your lifestyle). We also want to provide the option of a physiotherapist-led exercise class, so you can check your technique and get a whole-body workout. It takes around six weeks to start to build on muscles, so we suggest a block of six or ten sessions which will help you in this time and keep you motivated. If you have any goals you’d like to achieve or aim for then let us know and we can modify exercises to help you with this.

Physio Rehab Classes. Guidance on exercises to do at home or in the gym if you'd prefer.
Exercises you can also do at home if preferred
Physio Rehab Classes. Great intstructor:student ratio.
Good instructor-student ratio

If unsure of what’s best for you then give us a call, we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.


Pay per class or buy a block of 6 or 10 sessions:

Pay as you go: $40

Block of 6$240 $210 (12.5% discount. Price per class = $35)

Block of 10$400 $300 (25% discount. Price per class = $30)