Physio Rehab – Your Individual Exercise Programme

When you attend your physiotherapy appointment, along with receiving treatment and advice, you’ll also get an individual exercise programme. Using this physio rehab plan will help you better manage your symptoms and recovery.

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Our initial assessment will help us to understand what you can and can’t do and give us goals of what you want to be able to achieve. As discussed on our Physio page and treatment and advice page, goals are very specific to the individual and different for everyone. Short- and long-term goals can help keep you focused on what you’re trying to achieve. Typically, the short-term goal for people we see is to reduce pain, as that’s normally the driving factor of visiting.

It’s all about the long-term goals

The question you need to ask yourself is why did you start to get the pain in the first place? Is there anything you can do, change or adapt to help resolve the issue in the future?

This brings you to your long-term plan. During appointments, we will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what you can and can’t do, along with what you’re wanting to be able to do, will direct us to relevant exercises for your specific case. We will teach you how to manage your symptoms and work to improve your flexibility, strength and control.

Do You Like the Gym?

Not everyone does, so depending on what you enjoy doing and what your routine is will affect what types of exercises may be of benefit.

If you LOVE the gym, then we will focus on what exercises and equipment would be most beneficial to use during your workout.

Prefer Home or the Outdoors?

If you HATE the gym and would rather head outdoors or stay at home, then that’s great, we’ll adapt the exercises to your schedule and preference creating a tailored recovery plan for you.

Everybody’s goal is different

Your exercises need to be relevant to what you want to do. This is obviously different for everybody.

What’s definitely needed is to know what the end goal is, as exercises need to be relevant. Someone who wants to get back to running: will need different exercises compared to someone who wants to get back to swimming.

Likewise, there are day-to-day differences for those playing with kids, compared to those wanting to walk their dog or even just be able to sit down comfortably to work for the day.

Holistic advice

Exercise not only helps improve the body’s flexibility and movement, it’s known to improve overall mind, general wellbeing, and positivity.

Check out this TED talk on the brain-changing benefits of exercise.

We’re very experienced in providing physiotherapy, movement analysis, and exercises and will know what we can help you with. If you’re needing advice from another health professional, we’ll point you in the right direction.