Physiotherapy Pyrmont

Are you looking for a Physiotherapist in Pyrmont? – PhysioFit Health & Sports Injury Clinic is based on Miller Street in Pyrmont, the building next to Woolworths. There are various car-parks around and we’re close to the light rail stops (Pyrmont Bay and the Fish Market) along with bus routes that service Miller and Harris Street.

Visit PhysioFit Health in Pyrmont to see how we can help you. Call us to book an appointment or click the Book Now button to check out our availability.

We LOVE getting people back to doing the activities they enjoy the most.

When we first meet you, we’ll go through the problem that’s brought you to us, and importantly, we’ll find out your goal(s).

Watch the video below of Claire explaining what happens during an initial appointment:

Your goal will be unique to you and is different for everybody.

Pain may be keeping you awake, so getting a good night’s sleep is very important. You may want to be able to tie your shoelaces in the morning without any pain or walk your lovely dogs. Those that enjoy sport will want to get back to it sooner rather than later.

Physiotherapy Pyrmont. Examples of goal setting - sleeping well, tying shoelaces, walking dogs, running or playing basketball or football.
Goals: Getting a good night’s sleep (very important), tying shoelaces, walking your dogs, playing football, basketball or getting back to running.

If you’re keen to find out what’s wrong and what you can do about it, then our physios will help explain things in the easiest way possible and all the different options you’ve got for management.

We, at PhysioFit Health, want to be a part of helping you improve your health, not just your pain. We’re not experts in everything so will happily refer you on to other professionals or services when needed.

You don’t need to have been for any scans before coming to an appointment. If required, we can refer you for a scan if we think it’s appropriate.

Prevention is always much better than cure.

So… if you’re getting any niggles or starting a new activity, and want advice on which areas to improve on, then book an appointment


Physiotherapy Pyrmont – Goal setting at PhysioFit Health

Typical time-frames:

Short-term goals – Improve your pain. Generally involves a number of appointments over a few weeks.

Longer-term goals – If you’ve ever experienced pain, it can typically alter your strength, flexibility and movement. This can take a bit longer to correct, so depending on your goal and the nature of the problem, you’ll be working over a few weeks or months to correct this.

We’ll take you through a graded-exercise plan, from early rehab exercises, through to dynamic stability, functional control and whole-body movement postures relevant to the activities you want to get back to doing.

Whatever the level of injury, we’ll work through a plan specifically suited to you, with you.