Are you wanting more exercises in standing rather than lying down? Watch this video/read below and you’ll learn some Pilates ball standing exercises. These exercises are great if you don’t have enough space at home to do a workout on the floor. You may also be interested in more functional exercises in standing, in which case, you’re in the right place.

Watch the video or read more below:

Here are Three Pilates Ball Standing Exercises to Try Out:

Exercise #1: Ball between the ankles – Heel raise (knee straight)

Make sure the ball is fairly well inflated. Place the ball in between the ankles and squeeze it so it stays in place. Keep squeezing the ball as you raise yourself up onto your tiptoes and then lower back down.

Repeat: 3 x 10 times

Exercise #2: Ball between the knees – Squats

Place the ball in between your knees for some standing ball Pilates exercises to try at home.

Place the well-inflated ball in between your knees. Squeeze your knees to keep the ball in place while you bend and straighten your knees.

Repeat: 3 x 10 times

Exercise #3: Ball between the knees – Heel raise (knees bent)

As with the second exercise, place the ball in between your knees and squeeze it to keep it in place. Bend your knees so you’re in the squat position. Keep your knees bent and raise/lower your heels.

Repeat: 3 x 10 times


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Trying out different exercises is key to improving and maintaining the body’s flexibility, which in turn can help with recruiting muscles efficiently.

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Remember – Listen to Your Body!

Please remember to listen to your body. Get any aches and pains checked out sooner rather than later.


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