Here are some instructions on exercises to try out, with tests included so you can monitor your progress.

  • Content Summary:
    • Upper Body
      • Test
      • Exercise
    • Balance
      • Test
      • Exercise
    • Additional:
      • Hip stretches
      • Abs (Deadbug Exercise)
      • Upper body strength exercise

Upper Body Exercise:


See how long you can keep the position below for, aim for 30-60 seconds if not longer.

Try it out and see how you do.


The video below talks you through how to complete the upper body strength exercise, with a few different variations to try if you’d like:

Suggested Reps: 8-10 (but if too easy, then add on more or increase the difficulty!)


We’ve also been working on balance during the classes. Here’s an easy way to check your balance, score yourself out of a total of 6:

Scoring of Single leg balance:

  1. Arms stretched out to the side
  2. Arms down by your side
  3. Arms crossed over the chest
  4. Eyes shut, arms stretch out to the side
  5. Eyes shut, arms down by your side
  6. Eyes shut, arms crossed over your chest


0-1 Poor balance

2-3 Fair balance

4+ Good balance

Additional Balance Test:

After you’ve found your score out of 6. Time how long you can stand there for at that level.


There are a number of different ways you can improve your balance and challenge yourself. For example, stand on one leg and:

  • brush your teeth
  • wait for the kettle boil
  • stand on a pillow (flat surfaces are easier)
  • throw/catch a ball
  • visualise e.g. a holiday you’ve been on or are going to
  • try the exercise below:



A number of you have asked about additional exercises to the ones mentioned above, so I’ve included them below:

Hip Flexor Stretches:

Hips can get quite stiff so these exercises are great to help stretch them out.

Abs Exercise (Deadbug):

The ‘deadbug’ exercise is a favourite to suggest to people as it keeps the back in a lovely position while targeting the abs. Make sure the back doesn’t arch away from the mat/floor or get sore – it’s generally too challenging if you’re noticing the back overworking or getting painful. Try the arms first, then the legs, and then arms and legs together.

Upper Body and Core Strength:

This one’s another way to strengthen around the shoulder.

See how you get on and let me know if you’ve got any questions.