We’re looking into how many reps for plyometrics in this post, which is a category of exercise that can often be overlooked. Watch the video below or keep reading.


In a previous post, we reviewed exercise prescription at a high level, which takes you through the different types of exercise to choose from.

During our blog on exercise prescription, we explained that plyometrics can also be known as jump training.

Obviously, plyometric exercises are great for all of the jumping-style sporting activities. However, the exercises help with agility and coordination, so are actually useful for a whole range of different people.

Different Options

Here are your options for plyometric training:

  • low
  • moderate
  • high or maximal

Low Intensity

If you’re a beginner, then start with the low-intensity exercises because you’ll need to see how your body reacts. Once you’ve tried a few then you can try some of the higher intensity exercises.

Repetitions and Sets

10-30 repetitions

10-15 sets.

The lower the intensity of exercises, the more repetitions you need to do.


2-3 minutes

  • Hopping
  • Jumping

Here’s your summary slide for a low-intensity workout.

How many reps for plyometrics. Summary slide for low intensity workouts

Moderate Intensity

Repetitions and Sets

10-25 repetitions

10-20 sets


3-5 minutes

  • Jumping from a height
  • Jumping off of a box.

Here’s your summary slide for the moderate-intensity workout.

How many reps for plyometrics. Summary slide for moderate intensity

Max & Sub-max

The maximum intensity is split into maximum and sub-maximum.


Repetitions and Sets

5-15 repetitions

5-15 sets


5-7 minutes.

You want to start having a longer rest in between the higher intensity exercises. As a suggestion, choose a few different exercises that target a different area of the body that you’re working on, so you can do those while ‘resting’ from the plyometrics.


Repetitions and Sets

3-5 repetitions

10-20 sets


8-10 minutes.

The rest gets that little bit longer.

  • Depth jumps
  • Reactive jumps.

Here’s your summary slide.

How many reps for plyometrics. Summary slide for max and sub-max workouts

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