In the last of our series looking into the categories of exercise prescription, we’ve got suggestions for how many reps for power exercises.

One of our previous posts, we reviewed exercise prescription at a high level, which takes you through the different types of exercise to choose from.

Watch the video or read below:

Power is strength and speed combined and for power exercise, ideally, these exercises need to be activity-specific.

Figure out your load/weight to use for your strength exercises

Strength is a really important foundation for power exercises.

During the exercise prescription video, we spoke about finding 1RM (one rep max). The definition of 1RM is the maximum weight that you can possibly lift in one repetition.

Once you’ve figured out the activity-specific exercise you want to do and you know the 1RM, then you can figure out how much load to use during the exercise.

Suggestions for Load:

Under 60% of 1RM

When you get a bit more experienced in the activity, then you can start to change the weight and the load just to vary it a little bit.

Repetitions and Sets

3-6 reps

3-6 sets

So you’re working pretty hard and you don’t have to do that many repetitions and sets.


3-5 minutes

With a suggestion that if you increase this rest time it can help improve the movement velocity (speed).

Time under Tension

The time under tension also needs to be taken into account. These kinds of exercises really need to be EXPLOSIVE!


For runners, the squat jump can be turned into a power exercise. You want to push yourself explosively as you can do, this will work your:

  • calf
  • quads
  • glutes

This will all help with your running and improving the power that you have.

Here’s your summary slide.

How many reps for power? Summary slide


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