Runner’s Pilates Classes:

This Runner’s Pilates Package is ideal for those who enjoy running but want some variety in their training. You’ll find out about relevant flexibility and strength exercises that can be used to improve your running and performance.

Runner's Pilates exercise. Use a theraband to work on your glutes.

What’s Included:

  • Includes an introductory screening session (45 minutes) with a Physiotherapist
    • We’ll check your flexibility and movement patterns to see what you’re great at and what could be improved
  • 6 Runners Pilates Classes
  • 1-week unlimited standard class attendance (to be used within two weeks of finishing the course)
  • You may be able to claim a rebate through your private health (Physio Extras) if your private health is eligible
  • 10% discount on Physio appointments, valid during the time of the Pilates classes
  • Price discounted to $279 (usually $310)

Starting the week beginning Monday 23rd July

6 sessions – option of coming on a Tuesday, Thursday (two options, before or after work) or a Saturday

Runner's Pilates exercise - work on your abs while improving flexibility of your hamstrings.


Tuesday 1pm – 1.45pm

Thursday 7.15am – 8am

Thursday 6.30pm – 7.15pm

Saturday 8.45am – 9.30am

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If there isn’t a class to suit you, please contact us and join our waiting list and we will notify you when we have places available

Course Description:

Begin your running Pilates journey here and try this six-week course. Ideally, you’ll have some knowledge of Pilates and different exercises. You’ll get an understanding of which exercises are great to do and how to vary them to make them easier or harder. We’ve got small equipment such as the theraband and Pilate’s ball that can help challenge you to the level you need.


The first section of the class will be warm-up and flexibility exercises. The rest of the time will be divided between different exercise stations, including exercises using a theraband, Pilates ball and gym ball.

Runner's Pilates exercises - standing is functional. Using the band helps target the glutes. and hip flexors.

Course Content:

  • Pilates principles explained
  • Classes are small to ensure great instructor-feedback
  • Our classes target the whole body giving you a balanced approach
  • Exercises will be modified depending on individual capability, so you know you’re working to the right level for your body


  • Understanding which Pilates exercises will benefit your running
  • Be able to perform different Pilates movements, incorporating breathing techniques
  • Improve your knowledge of how your own body moves, so you know what you’re great at and which areas to target in the future
  • Know when an exercise may be too challenging for you and how to adapt so it’s the right level


Please bring to class:

  • Please wear comfortable clothing
  • Bring your own towel and Pilates/Yoga mat – we do have mats provided if needed
  • Drinking water

What are the Runner’s Pilates classes like?

Exercises in each class will vary from lying down, sitting and standing. We’ll teach you about coordinating breathing with movement, which is an important principle of Pilates. The breathing pattern taught during each of the exercises will make you focus on working your diaphragm, which can improve tension in the shoulders and make you more efficient at running. The exercise classes are fun and the atmosphere relaxed and supportive. You will be closely supervised by a physiotherapist who will help adapt the exercises as needed and show you the strong points to your movements.

 Runner's Pilates exercises - standing is functional and the single-leg deadlift targets glutes and hamstrings.

How much does the Runner’s Pilates class cost?

One time payment of $279 (discounted from $310), in advance for a term of 6 classes. A full receipt will be issued for your health fund.

Runner’s classes come in a package deal – one 45 minute session with a physio, 6 classes run over 6 weeks. You’ve got access to unlimited standard classes for a week once you’ve finished the course (to be used within two weeks of finishing the course).

Total price $279 (discounted from $310)

How long are the classes?

The classes are 45 minutes. You need to attend one class a week.

Who teaches Runner’s Pilates?

Specialised physiotherapists with expert knowledge in analysing the body’s movements and qualified in teaching Pilates.

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Runner's Pilates exercises - the single leg squat is great for improving balance and leg strength.

Health fund rebates may apply! Programs with a physio may be eligible under your hospital and extras cover.