If you’re sitting down all day you may find that you’re stiff in the neck, shoulders, or low back.

Check out the video (below) or scroll down where we’ll talk you through 4 easy exercises to try. You can do these exercises before, during or after work, whenever fits in with your schedule.

Exercise 1

If you’re sat, you’re likely in a very slouched position, possibly with a pokey chin. Sit on the edge of your chair, hands on your knees. Tuck the tailbone in a curl the back up, to you’re creating a C-shape (see image on the left below). Aim for a lovely stretch. Un-tuck the tailbone and curve the back in the opposite direction – chest up and looking up towards the ceiling (see image on the right below).

Repeat 4-5 times, 2-3 times a day

Exercise 2

This exercise targets the shoulders, which can get tight at the front. Put your elbow and hand (in this example, the left arm) against a doorframe and slowly turn to the right. You’re looking for a stretch feeling at the front of the left shoulder. Repeat on the opposite side. Hold 20 seconds, repeat 4-5 times

Variation – place the elbow slightly lower or hight than the shoulder to get a different stretch. This will target different muscle fibres around the front of the shoulder.

Sitting down all day - put your left hand and elbow on the doorframe and rotate your body to the right to get a stretch
Target the front of the shoulders, which can get tight

Exercise 3

If your low back gets stiff, then try this exercise as it targets the low back. When you’re sitting you’re in a flexed position, so you want to move the body in the opposite direction. Place your hands on your hips and arch your upper body backwards. Repeat up to 20 or 30 times, 2-3 times a day.

Sitting down all day - stand up, place your hands on your hips and arch yourself backwards.
Target the low back, which can feel stiff

Exercise 4

This one’s easy – get up and walk about! This has the added bonus of improving productivity. Research suggests that it gives the mind a rest and you can get back to your desk refreshed. Drink lots of water – then you’ll have to get up to go to the bathroom and fill up your water bottle.

sitting down all day- try these exercises to see what you think.

Take your pick of these exercises if you’re sitting down all day – try all 4 of the above or try a few of them. Give yourself a good couple of weeks to try them as it can take the body a while to adjust to different movements.


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Remember – Listen to your Body!

Please remember to listen to your body. Get any aches and pains checked out sooner rather than later.


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