What is online physiotherapy? Are you unsure what these online or telehealth physio appointments are all about?

Watch the video below or continue reading to find out more about physiotherapy sessions online. How they offer a convenient way to have a licensed and experienced Physiotherapist to help manage and guide your recovery online.

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What is Online Physiotherapy?

Online physio consultation is also known as Telehealth or Telemedicine. It’s an appointment with a Physiotherapist without you needing to come in physically to the clinic or practice.

When Did Online Physiotherapy Start?

Online physio consultations have been around for a while but due to the Covid pandemic and the restrictions, it significantly increased the number of online consultations available at different practices.

Can Online Physiotherapy Replace Face-to-face Consultation?

Online physio consultations are here to stay as they can be really quite useful but they won’t replace the physical face-to-face consultation completely. There are benefits to both in-person appointments and online/virtual appointments.

What are the Benefits of Online Physiotherapy?

There is research that supports online physiotherapy. The online/virtual format helps increase your understanding and control over the treatments, putting you into the driving seat. You get to figure out what exercises and/or movements you need to do to help relieve and manage your symptoms. While creating an exercise plan is also done with in-person appointments, typically, the focus is the hands-on treatment rather than the exercise plan.

How Does Online Physiotherapy Work?

You’ll be asked many questions and also do different movements and tests. We can get an extremely good idea as to what’s going on through the chat and discussion about the history of your issue that you’ve got. Once we get this understanding, it directs the treatment and the advice given along with the exercises suggested.

There are instances where it is beneficial for somebody to come in for a face-to-face appointment. If we find that’s the case for you, we’ll let you know and discuss the next steps.

What in online physiotherapy? An appointment with a physio from your own home.

What’s next:

Who online physiotherapy is for? Our next post will take you through an example of who would benefit from online physiotherapy.

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