Have you been wondering who online physio is for and whether it’s something you need to try out? This video takes you through a scenario to help explain who online physio is for and will help you identify if you need to book an online physio consultation.

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Who Is Online Physiotherapy for – and is it for you?

The start of the story:

You’ve started with a niggle, ache, or pain, perhaps in the neck, back, or knee, which comes and goes. Maybe, you’re finding that the issue is a low-grade grumbling in the background, but it’s just not going away.

You’re super busy with work, friends, and family so very difficult to see the doctor, physio, or health professional to ask their advice.

You’ve started to look on Google for advice, and then got confused because there’s so much out there and different articles are saying different things. You don’t know what to try and if you do try something, whether it’s the right or wrong thing to do.

The days are now turning into weeks and you’re in the same situation with the niggle, ache, or pain, or perhaps it’s now starting to get a bit worse, so you really need to do something about it.

The solution to try:

It’s worth pointing out here that sometimes these aches and pains that are noticed do go away by themselves. However, if you’re finding that you’ve got the same issue after days/weeks then you’ll do well to seek an appointment with your physio or healthcare professional.

Rather than searching on Google for advice, at this point in time, book an online physio consultation. Once you’ve had your appointment, you’ll get specific and individual advice to you and your needs, rather than getting general advice off the internet. Once you’ve got information tailored to your needs and circumstances, you’ll be more targeted in your approach to recovery.

Who is online physio for? Anyone who wants to talk to a physio from their own home. You can do exercises in front of your camera so the physio can see.

What’s next:

If you haven’t checked it out already, read our post explaining what is online physiotherapy.

Our next post will go through how to prepare for an online physiotherapy consultation.

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Trying out different exercises is key to improving and maintaining the body’s flexibility, which in turn can help with recruiting muscles efficiently.

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Remember – Listen to Your Body!

Please remember to listen to your body. Get any aches and pains checked out sooner rather than later.


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