If you’re wondering why you’d use the massage gun on the quads, then this video and blog post is for you. Watch or read on as we go through some of the reasons a massage gun can be great.

The massage gun is one of the many options you’ve got to get a focused massage around the quads and can be very useful depending on your situation.

Watch the video or read more below:

Why Use the Massage Gun on the Quads?

You’ve got a few options to massage the quads:

  • Foam Roller
  • Massage Ball
  • Massage gun

There are a number of reasons why you wouldn’t want to use the foam roller or massage ball, which are:

  • Foam Roller Difficulties
    • The pressure from using a foam roller may be too painful or sore
      • If it’s too sore using the foam roller, then it’s unlikely you’ll continue trying and so you’ll miss out on loosening the muscles
    • You need good shoulder and upper body strength to use the foam roller, as you have to hold your body weight and move up and down the foam roller. If your shoulders are sore in any way or you don’t have the strength in the shoulders, it may be too challenging
  • Massage Ball Difficulties
    • The massage ball can be awkward and you may find you drop it more than you’re able to massage
    • You may not be able to get the right pressure with the massage ball and so find that it’s not very effective

Using the Massage Gun on the Quads

  • If you’ve found any of the above issues with the foam roller or massage ball to be true then using the massage gun may be more effective for you
  • The massage gun is great for maneuverability, you can move it around the muscle easily
  • You don’t need to have strong shoulders and upper body strength to use the massage gun
  • You can vary the pressure and the speed of the massage gun to give yourself and superficial or deeper massage


Check out this blog on How to Use the Massage Gun on the Quads – or watch the video on YouTube.

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